Thursday, April 02, 2015
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A message from the President

Sergeant Matt Broniec, President


The Missouri State Troopers Association stands by all officers to make sure they have the proper manpower, equipment, command, support and ability to enforce the laws to keep citizens and businesses safe during times of peace, civil unrest, and natural disaster.  We are concerned about the health and well being of all law enforcement officers, especially those put on the front lines of contentious situations such as the current events in St. Louis County.

The Troopers of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, from which we draw our membership, took an oath to support the Constitution and protect the rights of the people, whether they are the victims or suspects of a crime.  We expect investigations to be conducted fairly, impartially, and thoroughly, so the justice system can determine evidence of guilt or innocence.  We hold ourselves to this standard in our duties, and expect no less from those we serve.  We do not believe a person’s Constitutional Rights to civil or criminal due process should be ignored based on a person’s race, religion, or chosen profession in law enforcement.

We respect the rights of citizens to have a peaceful protest, however must ensure the overall rights and safety of the people are not compromised by those with unethical and criminal motive.

We pray for peace for all those involved no matter their differing opinions. In the end, opinions will undoubtedly differ, but we hope truth and justice will prevail in the criminal justice system.


Sergeant Matt Broniec, President


Have you been called recently???

The Missouri State Troopers Association contracts through Daycom in Bolivar, MO to foster support for the Association and raise awareness of the public for issues such as the "Move Over and Slow Down" law.

These calls are legitimate, however at no time will the calling representative obtain your credit card information over the phone.  They may however, obtain your mailing information to send you a pledge packet in the mail. If you have any additional questions, you may contact the MOSTA business office.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Contact Us

Missouri State Troopers' Association
1729 East Elm Street
Jefferson City, MO  65101

573.636.5572 Fax

M-F  8:00am - 4:30pm

Officer Down Memorial

The Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP). Remembering all of law enforcement's heroes.
Officer Down Memorial Page
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